Mohan institute of Technology
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Solar Energy Training

Get Trained at Mohan Institute of Technology 
60 Year Old Training Organization 

Solar Energy Training

Best Training in Town , 100 % practicals 

Solar Energy Training

Global , India Solar Energy demand & Job Opportunities

According to the  European Photo Voltaic Industry Association & Greenpeace “Solar Generation 6” Report, 2011, estimates that more than 228,000 people were employed in the solar energy sector in 2009 and projects that the solar electricity sector will become a powerful jobs motor, providing green-collar employment to almost 1.7 million people by 2020 and 2.63 million by 2030 worldwide . In India, the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has estimated that there will be close to several lakhs of jobs in Solar Energy PV Installation and Maintenance by 2020 and Solar Energy Training is required on a large scale for meeting the required man power.
 Solar Energy Training  at Mohan Institute of Technology aims to address the needs of Solar Energy companies and of the wider solar PV industry in India by offering high quality training program delivered by experienced staffs with indepth subject expertise for students .

Solar Energy Training Syllabus

Solar Energy Training Course Syllabus :

  • Renewable Energy and its types - Solar Energy & its Concepts , Thermal & Photo Voltaic Concepts , Solar Water Heater Working Concepts
  • Electric and Electronic Engineering concept - fundamentals – A/C , D/C , Voltage , current and power – different electronic components working model – troubleshooting procedures
  • Solar Cell , Photo Voltaic and PhotoElectric Effect , how pv cell works , Fundamentals of a PV system Types of Solar cell technologies , Solar panel manufacturing concepts
  • Types of PV Installations – Stand alone , Grid Interactive and hybrid Systems – Wiring Solar panels – Series – Parallel – Solar module Specification - Solar Panel Test measurements – choose best solar panels based on various parameters –Solar Lighting technological options – Solar Home System (AC & DC) - Array tilt angle
  • Inverter Basics – technical basics units – Power rating – Types - Power Inverter Working Concepts - Charge controller - basics – Working concepts – block diagram – circuit diagram working concepts– PWM type solar charge controllers – MPPT – technical parameters related charge controllers
  • Batteries working – Construction – electro chemical reaction – causes of battery failure – battery type options – Serial and parallel connection of battery packs and charge controllers – Battery rating and capacity – battery care installation and maintenance tips
  • Designing a PV system – Solar PV system sizing – Size of PV modules – Inverter sizing – Battery sizing – solar charge controller sizing – Solar Energy scenario in india - Installation – Troubleshooting
  • Solar Energy Applications - On Grid , Off Grid , Water Pump system , Solar Street Lights , On Grid and Off Grid Government schemes , Loan processes , subsidies .
  • Solar Business Entrepreneurship , Solar Business Marketing , implementing a Successful solar business


Students Trained in Our Courses

60 Years

In Technical Training


Technical Training courses Offered


Solar Energy Training Course Career provides

Good job opportunities Worldwide


Who Can Study 

  1. Self Employed Persons, Job Seekers
  2. Any one interested in A/C Refrigerator repairing career in India and abroad
  3. No educational qualification is required , no age bar
  4. Candidates planning for high paying and self employment careers in AC & Refrigeration