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AC PCB Repairing Course: Master the Art of Repairing AC PCB

With regard to the growth of technologies in our every day life , air conditioning systems has become a integral part of our life at our home , office , industrial areas etc . Air-conditioning systems play a  important role in our daily lives providing us with comfort and respite from the heat .

In respect to the growth in AC Repairing – from Window ac  , Split ac to inverter ac , Solar Ac the electronic circuit that drive the air conditioners have become more complicated  the need for service personnel with complete in-depth knowledge in AC PCB Repairing course is the need of the hour . Excellent career opportunities are available for candidates who undergo AC PCB Repairing course at Mohan Institute of technology

           However, just like any other electronic device, AC systems are prone to malfunctioning. When faced with such issues, it becomes crucial to have the expertise to repair the heart of the unit – the AC Printed Circuit Board (PCB) , thus increasing the requirements of candidates who have undergone AC PCB Repairing course with chip level training.

Understanding the AC PCB Repairing Course

The AC PCB Repairing course is a comprehensive training program that equips individuals with the skills and knowledge required to diagnose and repair AC PCBs effectively. The primary aim of this AC PCB Repairing course is to help technicians address various AC PCB faults, such as power supply issues, blown capacitors, faulty components, handing of advanced IGBT, IPM based Inverter boards and much more.

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AC Repairing Course Syllabus

  • Concepts of Electricity
  • Single phase , 3 phase , voltage , current , watts , ampere , HP
  • Electricity devices – circuit breakers , switches , relays etc
  • Electronic Concepts – passive and active components
  • Resistor , capacitor , diode , Mosfet , Transformer , Coil , IC 
  • Crystal , Fuse , Thermistor , Varistor
  • Sensors , Switches , jumpers , Relays
  • IGBT – Isolated Gate Bioplolar Transistor
  • IPM – Intelligent / Inverter Power Module
  • PFCM – Power Factor Correction Module
  • Buck converter , Regulator
  • SSR – Solid State Relay
  • Electronic Component Testing concepts
  • AC PCB Servicing concepts
  • Inverter AC PCB Repair
  • Split AC and Windows AC PCB Repair
  • Indoor and Outdoor Unit PCB Repair
  • Communication concepts
  • Advanced Soldering and Microsoldering concepts
  • Handling different troubleshooting meters and equipments
  • Memory Programming
  • Complete Indepth Schematic Study
  • Handling Manfacturer Service manual
  • Error codes & diagnostic emthods
  • Fault Finding Procedures
  • Troubleshooting Concepts of different faults

As technology continues in AC PCB Repairing Course to evolve, so too does the complexity of air conditioning systems. Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) serve as the electronic brains behind these systems, regulating functions and ensuring efficient operation. we delve into the world of AC PCB repair, providing a detailed exploration of the principles, techniques, and practices essential for mastering HVAC maintenance


Mastering AC PCB repairing Course is essential for anyone seeking to excel in the field of HVAC maintenance and repair. By understanding the fundamentals of air conditioning systems, PCB design, and diagnostic techniques, technicians can effectively diagnose and resolve complex issues, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency. With ongoing advancements in technology, staying abreast of emerging trends and technologies is crucial for remaining competitive in the industry. By investing in comprehensive training and continuing education, technicians can position themselves as leaders in the field of AC PCB repair, driving innovation and excellence in HVAC maintenance.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions of AC PCB Repairing Course

  • 1.    What is an AC PCB Repairing Course?
  • ·        Mohan Institute provides AC PCB Repairing Course which is a specialized training program that focuses on teaching individuals how to repair and troubleshoot printed circuit boards (PCBs) used in air conditioning systems.

    2.    Who is this AC PCB Repairing course suitable for?

    ·        This AC PCB Repairing Course is suitable for AC specialists, engineers, or anyone interested in gaining skills in repairing and troubleshooting PCB of Windows AC , Split AC and Inverter AC and Fridge specifically designed for air conditioning units, Fridge

    3.    What will I learn in AC PCB Repairing course?

    ·        You will learn the fundamentals of PCB technology, Understanding the schematics of Indoor and Outdoor Unit of AC Systems , understanding AC system components, diagnosing common issues in AC PCBs, soldering techniques, chip level schematic analysis , testing methods, and effective troubleshooting strategies.

    4.    Does Anybody needs  prior knowledge or experience?

    ·        While prior knowledge of basic electronics can be helpful, this course is designed to accommodate beginners as well. The course typically starts with basic concepts and gradually progresses to more advanced topics.

    5.    What equipment and tools will I need in AC PCB Repair Course ?

    ·        Depending on the course structure, you may need access to soldering irons, multimeters and other meters, soldering stations, and other electronic repair tools. These will be provided by the training center during the training period  students can purchase the equipments once they plan to start their service


    6.    Will I receive a certification upon completion?

    ·        Mohan institute training centers provide a certification upon successful completion of the course. This certification can be valuable for demonstrating your skills to potential employers or clients.

    7.    What are the career prospects after completing this course?

    ·        Graduates of an AC PCB Repairing Course can pursue careers as AC technicians, repair specialists, maintenance technicians, or even start their own repair businesses. The demand for skilled technicians in the HVAC industry is often high.

    8.    How do I enroll in an AC PCB Repairing Course?

    ·        You can typically enroll AC PCB Repairing Course at Mohan Institute of Technology , 

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