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 In this realm of fast rising technology that in the . In current years, the usage of Laptop and PC has been improved fast all over the sphere. Everyday work is handled in pc or laptop the need for experienced laptop chip level service engineers is always on the rise across the globe , The Servicing industry across the globe is a billion dollar industry , now you have to depend on outside service centers apart from the company service centers who provide excellent service backup , the need for qualified service engineers who can handle chip level repairing has opened doors for millions of job opportunities across the globe, The laptop repairing course at Mohan institute is designed in a way that it provides for the best training in town , excellent opportunities for students to start their own service centers and become entrepreneurs.
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Laptop Chip Level Servicing Course Syllabus

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Electronic Engineering concept – fundamentals – A/C , D/C , Voltage , current and power – different electronic components working model – troubleshooting procedures SMD Components basics , working conceps and troubleshooting procedures

Desktop motherboards – block diagram – understanding power stages – parts and section identification circuit board study – power stage diagnosis of desktop motherboard using mutlimeter using PC desktop motherboard diagnostic card – SMD IC soldering techniques using Solder station – chip details of desktop motherboard – VRM Working – Chipset Northbridge , Southbridge , Super I/O , Clock generator , LAN controller , Hot and cold testing , power and reset sequence , chip level servicing details of desktop motherboard

Laptop Fundamentals – Assembling and Disassembling of Laptop with Parts – Working concepts , Motherboard – Types of Motherboard , Block diagram , Identifying Components, understandingthe different IC processes , knowledge of the different sections of the motherboard audio , video , processor ,and other sections of the motherboard – Understanding Laptop chipset concepts – mch , ich , pch IC’s – laptop Internal components , Laptop Memory types – Laptop Drives – Hard disk drives , DVD drives – Laptop Display – LCD module , CCFL tube concept , Inverter board working process , LVDS cable , HDMI , External display options ,Keyboard , touchpad , battery – testing methods – CMOS battery – Laptop BIOS settings – Power Sequence process – Schematic Diagram Study , Using latest testing equipments,  Circuit tracing and chiplevel circuit faultfinding of different sections and circuits in Laptop – Bios Programming – Diagnostic software – Chip level Laptop troubleshooting procedures – Chiplevel Servicing of Different Sections of the Laptop  Audio Section , USB Section , VRM Section , Power Sequence , Network section , Graphics Section , Power Supply sections – different power stategies , Working concepts and different troubleshooting strategies.

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