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Mohan Institute of Technology provides chip level 100% Practical Training in Mobile Service Course  with state of the art Lab & Latest equipments , we are the best mobile service training institute . The Advanced Mobile Repairing Course  provided by Mohan Institute of Technology has trained several thousands of students , training in Android mobile phone servicing course , iphone servicing course , Android eMMC training Today there are more than 900  million mobile users in India there are only  but  few Mobile Experts are there, that’s why advanced mobile repairing course is full of ample opportunities. It’s a high Time to learn Advanced Mobile Repairing Course at Mohan institute of Technology 

                     There is big number of requirement in Mobile servicing engineers and This is a huge number and as per the snowballing response for Mobile service engineers, the need for mobile servicing engineers is always on the rise The short term Advanced mobile repairing course at Mohan Institute of Technology gives both job and business opportunity for Our students

best mobile repairing course in tamil nadu
mobile repair training centre in tamil nadu

100% Practical
Advanced Mobile Repairing Course ,
Best Chip level Training Institute

Chip level Training in Android Smartphone , iphone Servicing with Tracing , Section wise Working Concepts & Troubleshooting Procedures

mobile repair redmi phone

100 % Chip Level
Mobile Repairing Course ,
Best Chip level Training institute

Get Trained on the latest equipment with Latest Service Equipment , Lab Infrastructure & Exhaustive courseware & Experienced Faculties

Specialized OCA Machine Training

Advanced Mobile Repairing Course at Mohan institute covers OCA Touch , display separation , lamination , Punching & Bubble removal process

Display Touch Repairing - 100% Practicals

Students are exposed to complete practical training in Advanced Mobile Repairing Course with Glass , Touch and Display Servicing in Mobile Repairing

Advanced Mobile Repairing Course Electronics Basics
Level 1

Advanced Mobile Repairing Course Cellular Concepts
Level 2

  • Basics of Electronics , Charge , Voltage , Ampere & Watts 
  • Different AC & DC , Electronic components – Resistor , Capacitor , Coil , Transformer , Diode , Transistor , Mosfet , IC 
  • Crystal , IC , Electronic Component Testing and Replacement 
  • SMD Components , SMD Codes , IC and types , BGA IC Working concepts , component troubleshooting techniques , Working with DC Power Supply
  • Multimeter , SMD Tester , Capacitor  Testing Equipments
  • History of Cellphone
  • Mobile phone generations – 2g , 3g , 4g
  • Mobile phone Communication working Concepts
  • Subscribe , Service Provider , Frequency & channel 
  •  Bluetooth , Edge & Wifi
  • Current technologies  LTE 
  • Multiple Band Frequencies
  • Transceiver concepts and Technologies involved

Advanced Mobile Repairing Course Hardware Syllabus
Level 3

Advanced Mobile Repairing Course Software Syllabus
Level 4

  • martphone Processor – CPU ( Dual , Quad and Hexa Core Concepts ), Qualcomm , Mediatek , Spreadtrum etc
  • GPU Processors, Chipset concepts , Different Sensor Updates 
  • Smartphone Touch Screen ,Display concepts – PPI Size , Resolution , Replacing
  • Different Sections of a Smartphone , 
  • Smartphone Communication technologies (GPS , OTG , NFC , Bluetooth , Wifi )
  • Study of parts of iphone , Android Phone , different touch phone and smartphone the various options available in a smartphone .
  • Assembling & disassembling of different types of smart phones
  • iphone , Android Phone Circuit Concepts – Schematic 
  • Board concepts , understanding the working concepts , Advanced Sectionwise Tracing concepts 
  • iphone , Android Phone Repair , fault Process 
  • Fault finding & troubleshooting concepts , 
  • Tracing and diagnosis, Troubleshooting Concepts
  • Steps of repairing various hardware faults – Power Distribution , Charging , Battery Faults Display Faults , Touch Screen Fault , Audio Problems , Hanging ,Restarting , Dead , Network Problems , Faults arising due to sensor and communication Devices
  • Handling Application and Communication Processor ,Sensor faults , RF Section Faults , Ports Problems and various other section and advanced faults
  • Sectionwise repairing of mobile and smartphone
  • Handling Advanced Servicing and Diagnostic Equipments in Mobile Repair
  • Computer Operations , Mobile OS and Usage
  • Computer Fundamentals , Overview of PC operating system
  • Desktop settings and configurations , Inbuilt applications
  • Installing USB Drivers for Mobile phones
  • Synchronization of Mobile phones and PC using Data cables
  • Different Mobile Operating systems , versions and updates
  • Understanding the concept of Boot loader , Operating System
  • Understanding Mobile Operating  ,system Partition and directory structure and features
  • Understanding Mobile Applications , Features and types
  • Understanding ADB , Fastboot ,
    recovery bootloader modes and concepts
  • Understanding Mobile Rooting , Stock ROM and Custom ROM Concepts
  • Drivers , tools and firwmare for smartphone 
  • Working with Secret Keycodes for Different Mobile phones
  • Hands on Flashing for Mobile phones with Different Flash tools
  • Using Diagnostic Software , Virus Scanners , backup software
  • Working with Multiple Flash tools across different mobile brand phones 
  • Working with Multiple Advanced Flash boxes and dongles for flashing , data recovery , lock removal 
  • Data recovery in Smartphone process
  • Software Troubleshooting Concepts

Mobile Repairing Course Display , Touch , OCA Process - Level 5

Mobile Repairing Course
Business Startup
& Related Know How

  • Concept of Display working
  • Using Separator for display , touch & glass Separation
  • Working with glue Remover Machine
  • Removing Broken glass , Touch using separator
  • Using Cutting Wire
  • Explaining different types of chemical involved in OCA 
  • OCA Machine Function & Special Practical Training
  • Lamination , Punching & Bubble Removal
  • Guidance related to starting a Mobile service busi ness
  • traits to become a successful technician
  • procuring tools , spare parts and accesosries 
  • Product where about and pricing details
  • Dealing with customers and distributors
  • business startup procedure
  • Equipments , boxes and tools to be purchased
  • Special Service Tips

Advanced eMMC Prog
Training Syllabus

  • common idea of eMMC chip , working
  • working concept of eMMC , UFS and eMCP memory
  • the Memory IC datasheet and Pinout details
  • Different Kinds of eMMC Chip features ( BGA 169/153 , BGA 162 , BGA221)
  • How to find lost tracks i PCB
  • Method to findout bad eMMC iC
  • Mobile eMMC reprogramming
  • Flashing file and partition , Lock removal Concepts
  • Logo hanging , datarecovery concepts
  • Using Special eMMC tools and box for eMMC Programming and data recovery

Advanced IC Reballing Training Syllabus

  • How to remove and reball Power IC , SoC or eMMC
  • Working with stencil
  • Working with Digital stereoscopic microscope 
  • for IC reballing and PCB faultidng
  • How to Clean PCBA Pad
  • Hot to Make Jumper Properly
  • How to Connect Vcc , Clk , data , Ground & Reset Pins
  • How to Remove and Fix eMMC without damage
  • eMMC Box and related Accessories
  • Hands on Practical Training

Student Testimonials

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Advanced Mobile Repairing Course

As we know that Advanced Mobile repairing course is based on practical learning approach, hence our courses are designed in a way that learner get full exposure to handle all types of  Mobiles and related technologies . We deliver complete e basic, advance and combo level mobile repairing in the advanced mobile repairing course . Our whole advanced mobile repair course sequence programme is simplified such that even a matriculate can grasp the concepts. Also, we are backed by highly experienced trainers & instructors who are with the latest mobile technology. Mobile phone repairs and servicing courses to help you to make a career in this field. The training provides all the essential skills needed to service, repair and maintain mobile phones.

In the Advanced Mobile repairing course at Mohan institute of technology the student is provided with complete practical training everywhere a student will be provided with a mobile repairing practical equipments to practically perform the learning and gain self-assurance. The training will take you to the next level in your profession in mobile repairing. It contains knowledge of entire  mobile repairing in a single course. With the assistance of this course, the student will be able to relate and connect the theoretical training with the practical one in the most beneficial manner.

Advanced Mobile Repairing Course is delivered by Mohan institute of Technology at a very affordable price , Our students have been known to perform wonderful Mobile servicing after completing Advanced Mobile repairing course in Tamil nadu and from different parts of the country . Mohan institute of Technology provides Advanced Mobile Repairing course to everybody without any age limit , any education qualification and special advanced service equipments at centers in coimbatore , salem and Tirupur . 

With more than several millions of Mobile subscribers , and the launch of 3g ,f 4g services happening in india , the cellphone market is poised for stupendous growth in the future . now , the growth prospects are predicted across maintenance and service industry of the mobile sector. Mobile repairing course @ Mohan Institute of technology , provides chip level mobile repair training from the basics of mobile repair to the very advanced concepts in chip level servicing , android phone and iphone mobile repair training.

As growth is happening fast in the urban and rural sectors , service engineers in mobile phone sales and servicing sectors provides big opportunities in mobile repair

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